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Benefits of Gardening

As the trend for gardening has boomed over the recent lockdowns, many people have discovered the benefits of gardening. Whether is managing acres of land or planting a few seeds on your windowsill, everyone seems to be enjoying getting green-fingered, and here’s why…



Don’t underestimate the exercise benefits of a couple of hours in the garden. Pushing a lawnmower, clipping back branches, or digging and planting can all be great full-body workouts, burn lots of calories, and get your heart pumping! Because you’re busy working on something else, it doesn’t even feel like exercise, it can be a very productive way of killing two birds with one stone. Plus it’s a great way of getting outdoors and fresh air pumping through your body too.



The benefits of being mindful are extraordinary. The concept is simply to focus deeply on something to stop the ‘monkey mind’ wandering and give yourself a break from those busy thoughts about your to-do list or life’s worries.

It has also been proven that as humans, our stress and anxiety levels decrease when we’re in natural environments, what better reason to get amongst the greenery…


Shared Experience

At a time when social and family connections are more important than ever, gardening can be a great way to connect. Whether it’s asking granny for some tips, meeting new people in an allotment, sharing produce with friends, or getting the kids involved with planting seeds.


Learning Something New

Gardening is a lovely accessible new skill to develop. With tons of information in books, online, and magazines you can start small and work your way up, and find an area or niche that you’re particularly interested in like vegetable growing, houseplants, hanging baskets, or flower beds.


Sense of Achievement

Let’s not forget the heart-warming buzz from seeing your strawberries grow or your flowers bloom! Your patience, care, and knowledge resulting in new plant life can be a thrill, and something lovely to get the whole family involved in. It’s a lovely feeling to know that you’ve cared for something and helped it grow.


Saving Money

Gardening can be a great way to kick-start some money-saving habits.

  • Using water buts can reduce your water bill.
  • Growing your own herbs, fruits and veggies can reduce your shopping spend.
  • You can give produce and or flowers as thoughtful gifts


Helping Wildlife

We are not the only ones to enjoy our outdoor spaces, there are loads of creatures who share your garden. Encourage wildlife such as birds, hedgehogs, and bees by having a variety of plants and foliage for both food and shelter.

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