About us

A family-run business making compost the natural way.

About us

A Warm Welcome

Chedington Compost produces high quality compost, manure, mulch and wood chippings. As part of a thriving estate here is North Dorset, the compost production fits into a strong cycle of agricultural activity.

Previously known as Komit Kompost, we aim to make the transition as smooth as possible for returning customers. With a new team, and investment in new machinery and equipment, we’re looking forward to welcoming new customers and seeing Chedington Compost grow, providing quality compost products to the South West.

About us

The Team

Chedington Compost is being managed by members of the Chedington team at North Buckham Farm. Harry Caddy is Chedington’s main point of contact, and is available to answer any of your questions.

We are looking forward to meeting existing and new customers.

About Us

Our Process

Manure is gathered from our farms on the estate.

It undergoes a high temperature aerobic composting process to de-odorise and sterilise the material. It is then left to stabilise and mature before it is blended with locally sourced materials that make up the different products. This process takes several weeks. The woodchip that is blended to produce mulch is obtained from local tree surgeons.

Our products are:

  • Free of unpleasant odours
  • Are free of pathogens
  • Have no artificial additives
  • Are free of weed seeds
  • Will improve heavy soils
  • Have a high manurial value
  • Will enrich poor soils